LoadRunner Naming Standards

S.No Area Description
1 Script Name ApplicationName_Goal_NumberIndex_BusinessTransactionName_Version
2 Script Description Verify whether the Script included with below fields with description in Vuser_init block
Script Objective
Script Description
Revision History (Version and Comments)
3 Script Enhancement Verify each business transaction corresponds to a unique action
Verify any spaces exist while defining Action names
Verify Action names are defined with first letter in Capitals
Verify While naming Action names, underscore is used as separator
Verify whether all other actions are referring to the Main Action
Verify whether all functions referred within Main Action are spelt correctly
4 Error Handling Verify whether Conditional Pass/Failure is handled with LR_PASS and LR_FAIL.LR_AUTO should not be used
Verfiy whether  rules are created to enable global error handling mechanism
5 Parameterization Verify whether ” p_ ” is used prior to the parameter name to differentiate parameter from a variable
Verify whether all dynamic values generated from or passed to the server are correlated using web_reg_save_param
Verify whether all domain URL’s, UserID/Passwored and controlled variables are parameterized using lr_save_string or as a parameter list file
6 Correlation Verify whethere While Correlating dynamic values is Correlation rule file is used?
7 Variable Declaration Verify whether all Global Variables are placed outside of Functions/Actions?
Verify whether  Vuser_init action contains all of the variable declarations for file manipulation
Verify whether all variable declarations follow below naming convention:
iName = integer
sName = Char or Char *
8 Comments Verify whether  “//” are used instead of /* */ while commenting.
Verify whether every function/action is included with descriptive comments
9 Run Time Settings Verify whether in Miscellaneous settings if the below options are checked
Run Vuser as a thread
Define each action as a transaction
Verify whether in Preferences settings, check whether below options are selected
Hits per second and HTTP Codes
Pages per second(HTML mode only)
Response byte per second
Non Critical resource errors as warning
Verify whether  text check, image and content check are used with discretion
10 Load Test Name Verify naming convention for Load Test Name is followed in the below format:
11 Load Test Description Verify Load test description format as below:
Ex: Measure the system performance of application release 1.0 using 10 Virtual users of the following business transactions

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