Removing Zero from the Date in VuGen LoadRunner


Enter start date and end date and date should not include zero before actual value of month and day.


Invalid date format: 04/27/2011

Valid date format: 4/27/2011


//variable declaration
char month[10], day[10], year[10], startDate[10], endDate[10];
int nonZeroDay, nonZeroMonth;

/*if you want to run script for multiple interactions then you have to nullify
the concatenated string before starting new iteration otherwise it
will keep the old value*/
strcpy(startDate, “”);
strcpy(endDate, “”);

//original date which contain zero in the date
lr_save_datetime(“Today’s Date is: %m/%d/%Y”, DATE_NOW, “normalDate”);

//for generating non zero start date

//to assign the current date parts to a parameter
lr_save_datetime(“%m”, DATE_NOW, “month”);
lr_save_datetime(“%d”, DATE_NOW, “day”);
lr_save_datetime(“%Y”, DATE_NOW, “year”);

//to remove zero from the string. e.g.getting ‘4’ from ’04’

nonZeroMonth = atoi(lr_eval_string(“{month}”));
lr_save_int(nonZeroMonth, “month”);

nonZeroDay = atoi(lr_eval_string(“{day}”));
lr_save_int(nonZeroDay, “day”);

//creating a date string using concatenation of nonzero date parts and separator ‘/’
strcat(startDate, lr_eval_string(“{month}”));
strcat(startDate, “/”);
strcat(startDate, lr_eval_string(“{day}”));
strcat(startDate, “/”);
strcat(startDate, lr_eval_string(“{year}”));

lr_save_string(startDate, “p_StartDate”);
lr_output_message(“Start Date is: %s”, lr_eval_string(“{p_StartDate}”));

//for generating non zero end date by incrementing date by one day offset
lr_save_datetime(“%m”, DATE_NOW + ONE_DAY, “month”);
lr_save_datetime(“%d”, DATE_NOW + ONE_DAY, “day”);

lr_save_datetime(“%Y”, DATE_NOW + ONE_DAY, “year”);
nonZeroMonth = atoi(lr_eval_string(“{month}”));
lr_save_int(nonZeroMonth, “month”);

nonZeroDay = atoi(lr_eval_string(“{day}”));
lr_save_int(nonZeroDay, “day”);

strcat(endDate, lr_eval_string(“{month}”));
strcat(endDate, “/”);
strcat(endDate, lr_eval_string(“{day}”));
strcat(endDate, “/”);
strcat(endDate, lr_eval_string(“{year}”));

lr_save_string(endDate, “p_endDate”);
lr_output_message(“End Date is: %s”, lr_eval_string(“{p_endDate}”));


Today’s Date is: 04/27/2011
Start Date is: 4/27/2011
End Date is: 4/28/2011

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  1. Huligesh says:

    In line 13 of your script include # as %#m/%#d/%y, then you will not see 0prefix if any

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