A script is a programming code written in languages like C, Java to emulate the steps of real human users. Scripting can be done manually by user or one can generate automatically with help of tools like Virtual User Generator (VuGen).

Working on Scripts:

If you know the answers of below questions then you are done with basics of scripting.

  • What are the prerequisite before you start scripting?
  • What are the recording options settings?
  • How to record script?
  • What are the Changes to make before playback?
  • How to do Parameterizations?
  • How to do Correlations?


HP LoadRunner supports more than 51 protocols including Web HTTP/HTTPS, Remote Terminal Emulator, Oracle and Web Services. A protocol acts as a communication medium between a client and a server. For example an on-line banking application can use HTTP/HTTPS with some Java and Web services. LoadRunner can record scripts in both single and multi-protocol modes.

During recording, VuGen records a tester’s actions by routing data through a proxy. The type of proxy depends upon the protocol being used and affects the resulting script.

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