Web application performance analysis plays an important role in quantifying Web application’s quality of service and designing the server’s configuration. Performance analysis methods based on comprehensive load testing by running a series of load testing on the client side while resource consuming is also performed on the server side. A performance model is then built based on these test results, which gives us a method to quantify and analysis system performance. We can apply this method on a typical Web application system, by comparing the results of load testing.

To prepare final report of performance analysis, we collect data from all the servers related to capability and quality measures. Performance of the Web application depends on two factors, quality of web product development and the server hardware configuration on which the application is deployed.

To measure Web application’s performance we focus on following components.

1.       Processor

2.       Memory

3.       Hard drives

4.       Network Connections

After collecting all the performance related data of above components, we create graphs to represent data in more illustrated manner. Here you can find out the bottlenecks by comparing the graphs.

Most of the time bottlenecks are present where the waiting queue length is more or there is more resource utilization.

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