HP SiteScope

HP SiteScope is agentless monitoring software focused on monitoring the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructures, including servers, operating systems, network and Internet services, applications and application components.

HP SiteScope tests a web page or a series of web pages using synthetic monitoring. However, it is not limited to web applications and can be used to monitor database servers (Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, etc), UNIX servers, Microsoft Windows servers and many other types of hardware and software. It can export the collected data in real time to HP LoadRunner or it can be used in standalone mode. HP SiteScope collects data using agentless data collection. Using the collected data, HP SiteScope can send automated alerts and create monitoring reports showing status over time in graphical and tabular formats.


HP SiteScope supports more than 85 types of IT infrastructure in physical and virtual environments and can monitor servers, databases, applications, networks, web transactions, streaming technology and integration technology, as well as generic elements including files, scripts and directories. HP SiteScope monitoring supports mid-tier processes, URLs, utilization of servers and response time of the mid-tier processes. Users can set thresholds for specific characteristics and be alerted for critical or warning conditions.

Solution Templates

HP SiteScope comes with 25 solution templates for monitoring IT infrastructure elements, including Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, SAP, WebLogic, and UNIX and Linux operating systems. Solution templates are for rapidly deploying specific monitoring based on best practice methodologies.


The object-oriented SiteScope components fall into six broad categories: Webpage, Scheduler, Monitor, Alert, Script Alert and Reports.

  • The Webpage feature displays the browser-based user interface.
  • The Scheduler specifies when each monitor (such as each device or server status tracking process) runs.
  • The Monitor gathers statistics for each monitored device or server.
  • The Alert module sends e-mail, pager messages and SNMP alerts when SiteScope detects a problem.
  • The Script Alert program can run a script, restart a background service or run an external program when a problem occurs.
  • The Reports code generates Web pages that contain network statistics in a graphical or tabular format.

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