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Prerequisite of Load Test Execution

  1. Ensure that time slot is booked in calendar on your project name.
  2. Check that application is working manually.
  3. Check whether the entire server’s are up and in normal condition.
  4. If in SiteScope the values against summary of any server are ‘NA’ then restart those servers.
  5. If time permits run each script individually for five iterations in VuGen.
  6. Refresh the script in Performance Center with the latest version.
  7. Check the runtime settings of each script.
  8. Check the scenario settings and number of users configured for each script with workload Model.
  9. Check for IP Spoofing whether enabled or disabled and change it as per the requirement.
  10. Before starting the scenario verify that each script duration, ramp up and ramp down time is correct.
  11. Check whether Monitor profiles are configured correctly.
  12. Check whether windows profilers are added.
  13. Book the same time slot in Performance Center and manually select Load Generators and Controller.
  14. Configure number of Load Generator, Controller as per allocated in time slot and take only those Generators and Controller, which are free.
  15. When ready to run the test send an alert mail to all related groups.